Year 5 Breast Cancer Cake Sale


Year 5 have been busy baking cakes ahead of a very special sale that we are staging ahead of the half term break. Michael’s class are organising the special event with the aim of raising some money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.


We wanted the pupils to be involved in this project at every stage in the planning. We started off our work by learning a little more about Breakthrough Cancer and some of the valuable work that the charity carries out.


Year 5 then researched online the recipes for their favourite cakes. Each class member made a shopping list of the ingredients required.


A trip to the nearby Morrisons along the Walworth Road followed. We encouraged the children to be as independent as possible, but with constant adult supervision. The task was to find the ingredients in the store, and then pay for them with the correct money.


Back at Michael Faraday and the work started on the baking of our cakes. We worked in small groups, depending on what our own preferred choice of cake was. Extra care was paid towards hygiene and following the instructions for each recipe.


The final task for this project was to arrange the marketing for the cake sale. Each class member has designed a digital poster that which have now been displayed all around the school. The cakes that have been baked look quite spectacular. We are hopeful of raising a considerable sum for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

You can listen to a couple of Year 5 pupils explain a little more about this project in the recording below.







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