Nursery Stickman Learning


The Nursery children are incredibly excited ahead of our West End trip to see the Stickman play at the Leicester Square Theatre. The children have been experimenting with the large collection of sticks that we have as a resource in the Nursery. We have asked the children to see what types of patterns they can make with the selection of sticks.

We have started to read the Stickman book to prepare us for our West End visit. The Nursery children find that the character of Stickman very funny, especially when he becomes Stuckman.

The teaching staff were very impressed with the response that we recently received from our Stickman themed homework. We asked each child to try and think of the rules for a new game that we could play using the sticks that we find around this of the year.


Nursery have also been celebrating Bonfire Night by thinking about some of the sounds that fireworks make. This is connected with our general phonics work. We have see that fireworks make many different sounds. These can include BOOM, BANG, BAM, Ffffff and Hsssss. The children have been sequencing these sounds and movements together to create their own interpretation of a fireworks display.


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