Year 1 Whatever Next Video

Year 1 have been using our current class reading book of Whatever Next as the inspiration for our recent design and technology work. This is a magical story that tells the tale of a bear that goes on an exciting space adventure. There are many possibilities in the story for the children to think about how the plot might develop.


Each class member has decorated a unique shoebox to reflect their own thoughts and ideas related to the book. We asked the children to use the shoebox to help to explain something about the story that they enjoyed.


We have been sequencing the events in Whatever Next as part of our literacy learning. The shoebox challenge was to find the particular part of the story that each pupil likes, and then to create a snapshot of this in our shoebox design.


Year 1 have also produced some thought trapping work based on this book. This involves thinking about how certain characters in the book might feel at any particular time. The children then trap these thoughts, and capture them in a series of speech bubbles. These have also been included in our magical shoeboxes, as you can see in the short video above.








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