Year 2 Firework Poetry Videos


We have started the second half of the autumn term in Year 2 with some impressive work being carried out across all curriculum subject areas.

Our maths work has been focussed on improving our times table knowledge. All children should now feel confident when working with the two, five and ten times table. We have been looking at the relationship between these tables and how this knowledge can help us in other areas of our maths learning.


Year 2 started a timely history project looking at the Gunpowder Plot story. Most of the pupils were able to explain how we celebrate Bonfire Night, but we wanted to find out the historical reasons as to why this is so. Year 2 have been learning about Guy Fawkes, and the historical significance that led to us lighting bonfires every year.


The fireworks theme has continued with our literacy work. All of the children have written some highly descriptive poetry capturing the magic of bonfire night. You can watch some of these being shared in the selection of videos below.

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