Year 3 Cinema Trip Video

Year 3 had a fantastic time during our recent cinema trip to the Odeon at Covent Garden. We were invited to a Question and Answer session ahead of the release of the new Shaun the Sheep film.


This was a special satellite performance with the Producer and the Illustrator from the film appearing on the screen as part of a live feed. Audience members were able to submit their questions in advance online.


Our session also included the screening of a short film showing some of the skills involved in making an animation. Year 3 were able to see how professional storytellers go about the process of adding some structure to their story. We learnt how all good stories start with a problem, a resolution and then some form of conclusion.


When we returned to Michael Faraday School we watched the trailer for Shaun the Sheep. The children were asked to look for examples of some of the animation and storytelling techniques that we had learnt about earlier in the day.


Our work continued with the designing of our own Shaun the Sheep character. We asked the children to create a unique Shaun by designing a theme to appear on a silhouette of Shaun. The short video above explores some of these ideas.


Later in the term we will attempt our own stop / start animation project.

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