Year 5 Cake Sale Success


Michael’s Year 5 Class are incredibly proud of the success that they achieved with their recent Cake Sale. In total £216.42 was raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity that we have been researching and learning about.

The pupils have returned after the short break keen to document all that was achieved as part of this project. Each class member has started work on preparing a written report to explain how we managed to put on the Cake Sale.

We encouraged the pupils to think back through the complete process from researching the charity, through to baking and selling the cakes. We wanted the reports to log every stage, including choosing a cake, researching and buying the ingredients, baking the cakes, arranging the marketing material and then the cake sale itself.

The Year 5 dictionaries and thesaurus’ were used to help with our choice of words. We encouraged the pupils to self-correct any errors and to include the correct punctuation.

This has been in a useful exercise in helping the Year 5 pupils to be able to recap a series of events in the correct sequence. It has also helped to develop our ICT skills as we asked the finished reports to include photos and a professional looking layout.

A couple of students read out their reports in the recordings below.



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