Nursery Stickman Theatre Trip


The Nursery children had an amazing time during our trip to the Leicester Square Theatre to see the Stickman show. We have been learning about Stickman and some of his adventures during our reading time. The children loved to see Stickman come alive on the West End stage and share some of his stories.

We have been continuing with this work back in the Nursery. The children have been creating plenty of Stickman inspired characters using the many resources that we have available. We have been using our Stickman models to help the Nursery children recap their knowledge of the story.

How many legs does Stickman have?

How would you describe his body?

What does his face look like?

The Nursery children have also enjoyed our recent focus on action songs. We work in small groups and encourage the class members to all feel confident to take part. This is an activity that requires the children to listen and follow instructions, and to work together with everyone feeling confident. Duck, Duck Goose is a current favourite in the Nursery.

We are looking forward to inviting the parents and carers of Nursery children into the school later in the term as part of our Winter Celebration. This will be an opportunity for the children to share all of the knowledge and learning that we have achieved so far this term. There will be plenty of singing! The teaching staff are finalising the details for this event.

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