Reception Superheroes Topic Continues


The Reception children at Michael Faraday School are full of enthusiasm for our superheroes topic. We have been talking in small groups about what makes a superhero special. The Reception children came to the conclusion that a superhero is someone who has a special skill that makes them different to everyday people.


We thought about what superheroes skills we might have. The teaching staff have introduced the Reception children to the idea of resilience. We have seen that this can be a superhero skill. It means that we all have the power to bounce back if something happens that makes us feel unhappy.


Reception have been observing the superhero skills in the film The Incredibles. We have been watching short clips of the film to help identify what skill each character has. All of the pupils now have their own superhero costume. We were very pleased with the response when we asked for help at home to create a superhero cape.



Elsewhere in the Reception and it was great to see so many parents and carers being able to attend our recent after school maths workshop. This was an opportunity for the teaching staff to be able to explain the techniques that we use in the classroom to help with our continued maths learning.

We hope that all of those who were able to attend found the session useful. It would certainly help with the individual learning of each pupil if some of this work could be continued at home. Everyday resources such as coins can be used to help reinforce this work.

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