Year 1 Drama Rehearsal Video

Year 1 have been busy preparing for their grand theatrical performance at the nearby Blue Elephant Theatre. Both classes have been working on a unique production that we will be able to share in front of family and friends in the professional theatre space.

We have had plenty of help for this project from the professional composer John Webb, a friend of Michael Faraday School. Both of these shows are highly unique in that the stories have been created by the children. The ideas and words came from the class members. John was able to bring his professional musical skills to help create the songs.

The two shows are also highly theatrical. The children have been learning about how to sequence the stories, as well as following stage instructions. We have been rehearsing how to speak confidently, adding in plenty of actions and working well together as a team.

The subject matter for the short plays are very diverse. We don’t want to give away any spoilers ahead of the shows – vampires and fruit feature heavily! You can watch some short clips of the rehearsals in the video above.

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