Year 2 Maths Video

Our maths work in Year 2 at Michael Faraday School has started to look at the idea of partition. This describes how we can split a large number down to help us answer any sums using the number. An example might be the number 17. The pupils have been learning how this is made up of one ten and 7 units.

Year 2 have been using different visual resources to help them with this task. The children have found the bundle of straws very useful for this exercise. Each bundle contained ten straws. This represented the ten in our number. We then counted individual straws for the units. The children could then see how one bundle of ten straws plus seven individual straws makes 17 when added together.

Different levels of learning have been set for the individual targets of each pupil. You can watch one young Year 2 pupil making some progress with his work in the video above.

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