Year 3 Fact Finding Work


Year 3 have learning how we can accurately record information from various sources. This is a skill that will help the pupils as they progress throughout Michael Faraday in different areas across the curriculum.

We have been using our current class reading book as the main subject matter for this learning. Ice Palace is a magical tale which tells the story of some of the challenges that Ivan has to face under very cold conditions.

Year 3 have been thinking about what Ivan might need in preparation for visiting an incredibly cold environment. We watched a short video showing a modern day explorer building his shelter in extreme snow conditions.

The pupils then held a class discussion to try and recall some of the information from the film. We wanted to know what equipment would be best suited to these type of weather conditions. We encouraged the children to explain the thinking behind their answers.

Our written work involved absorbing the information from a fact sheet. The aim was for the Year 3 pupils to condense the key ideas into short bullet points. We will later be using this fact finding to help write a survival guide for cold conditions.

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