Year 5 Black History Month Podcast


Year 5 have produced some incredibly thoughtful work as part of our contribution towards Black History Month. The students have been learning about the life of Ruby Bridges. This is a remarkable black American lady who helped to further the cause of an equal society when she was just a young girl growing up in New Orleans.


The pupils have researched the life story of Ruby Bridges. We have seen how she was the only pupil to attend her school in 1960 after white parents took their children away from the school. Ruby had to walk through crowds protesting each day, just so that she could attend school and continue with her learning.


Our work has also looked at the work of Barbara Henry, the one teacher left in the school that taught Ruby every day for a year. We have seen how that the pupil and teacher both worked well together with Ruby achieving very high grades.


The Year 5 pupils have produced some poetry based around the experiences of Ruby Bridges. We asked the pupils to imagine what it must have felt like to face racial hatred on a daily basis. You can listen to the background to this work as well as a couple of poems being shared in the recording below.

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