Year 5 Odysseus Podcast


Year 5 have been writing some persuasive text based around our current class reading book of Odysseus. The pupils have reached an exciting part of the story where they sense that a mutiny might take place. We have yet to finish the final few chapters and so are unsure as to the actual outcome.

We set the challenge for the Year 5 pupils to write their own ending for the story. The story includes many strong-willed characters. We asked the pupils to think about how they could use persuasive writing to help put across the points that each character was making.

This work started off with a detailed plan being made. We have been learning about the different sequences that all good stories contain. We wanted our writing to be able to flow and explain clearly what was happening.

The work was written in the first person – each class member took on the role of one of the characters in Odysseus. The pupils were asked to think about the emotions and excitement that the characters might be feeling.


Dictionaries and thesauruses were used to add to our vocabulary. Each class member had to self-edit their story, looking for improvements and making sure that the punctuation was perfect. We used the Year 5 Golden Sentence Check List to help with this task.

Once the written work was complete, we invited various Year 5 members to share their work in front of a captive audience. The final part of this work was to read the remaining chapters of Odysseus, and then compare the actual ending with the stories that we have been able to compose.

You can listen to a couple of short passages from the Year 5 work being read out below.

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