Year 6 Drama Video


Year 6 have been using drama to explore some of the ideas in our current class reading book, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom. The pupils responded incredibly well to the complex main character of Bradley Chalkers. Drama is a great form in which to understand his motivations in the story.

Each class member in Year 6 has written a script based on a certain passage in the book. We have got as far as reading up to Chapter 14 as a group. We set the challenge for the pupils to write an alternative Chapter 15 based on the knowledge that we already know.

It was really interesting to see so many different outcomes being produced. Every pupil had an alternative take as to where the plot might develop.

Drama was then used to put some of these ideas across. We asked the pupils to work in small groups and to prepare a short production based on one of the alternative endings. These were acted out in front of a class audience with the aim to encourage expression and deep thoughts about the characters.

You can watch some of the scenes being acted out in the videos below.

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