Reception Wormery Video!

The Reception children are very excited about the wormery that we have been helping to create. We have been looking at how worms like to live in a warm environment during the winter months with plenty of food to eat. We have also seen how worms can help to create compost for the garden by eating any of our leftover fruit and veg.


The children have been preparing the compost over the past few weeks. Apples, bananas and carrots have been mixed in with some peat. The Reception wormery was now ready to receive its first visitors! You can see how the guests got on in the short video above.


Elsewhere in the Reception and the children are preparing for Christmas with an advent calendar. We have also been using this as an opportunity to help with our maths work. Reception have been learning about what it means to count one more, and then to count one less.

Plenty of preparation has also been put into the Reception contribution for the Michael Faraday Winter Concert. The children will be singing Band of Angles and Little Drummer Boy.

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