Year 1 Acrostic Poetry Video

Year 1 have been writing a series of winter inspired acrostic poems. This is where the first letter in each sentence then spells out a new word such as snow. We have been asking the children to think about using as many different adjectives in our poems. The pupils have seen how these can make our poetry come alive and sound exciting. You can watch some of the pupils reading out their winter poems in the short video above.

Our maths work in Year 1 has involved the children learning to read an analogue clock. Each class member has made their own clock. We have been using these during our maths lessons to explain different events in the Michael Faraday School day. Playtime, lunchtime and going home time have all been ordered with the correct time and sequence.

Finally we would like to thank all of the parents and carers who very kindly attended the recent drama performances that the Year 1 children staged at the nearby Blue Elephant theatre. Two separate plays were performed with each class thinking of their own unique storyline. Local composer John Webb worked with the children to help write some music for our songs.

The feedback that we have received from the shows has been fantastic! The children felt slightly nervous ahead of the performance and were surprised to see such a professional set up with theatre lights and a large stage. The many weeks of rehearsal certainly paid off. We would like to thank our John and our friends at the Blue Elephant for making this event possible.

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