Year 3 Christmas Assembly


Sarah Jane’s Year 3 class recently put on their first assembly in front of the other Key Stage 2 children. This was a major moment for many of the Year 3 pupils. Some of the children were slightly nervous ahead of the assembly. Sarah Jane’s class showed great maturity and bravery in feeling confident to present their work.


The assembly was appropriately themed around Christmas. Year 3 have been researching the classic Clement Clarke Moore poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas. This is a highly complex poem to understand and recite. The children have been talking in class about the structure and sequence of the story.


The poem was acted out in full during our special assembly. Our performance included narrators, plenty of costumes and even some Christmas pudding characters! We were keen for every class member to have an equal part in the performance.


The assembly was very well received by the older Key Stage 2 children. Sarah Jane’s class can now feel confident about future assembly presentations.


We finished off the assembly by singing one of our favourite Christmas songs.




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