Year 5 Southwark Splash and Humanities


Year 5 are almost ready for their prestigious performance at the Royal Festival Hall as part of Southwark Splash. Both classes will be part of a 300 strong celebration of the musical talents that pupils in the borough of Southwark are able to boast.

We have been having weekly rehearsals at Michael Faraday School for the past five weeks. The theme for Splash is a celebration of winter. It includes many new songs, as well as an ambitious Mega Carol as the finale – a number of traditional Christmas songs are attempted simultaneously! All parents and carers of Year 5 pupils are of course invited along to the evening event on 15th December.

Our humanities work in Year 5 will soon start to look at the concept of human rights. Later this month it will be the 66th anniversary when the Declaration of International Human Rights was first signed. The pupils will be researching why it is necessary for people to have human rights, as well as to suggest some new rights that we should be able to expect.

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