Introducing Bodge, the Reception Elf!


The Reception children have been learning about the true spirit of Christmas with the help of our new class friend, Bodge the Elf. This work started with the arrival of a new class reading book – The Elf on the Shelf. We were delighted to find that the book was also delivered with our very own elf to look after!

Finding a name for our new friend was the first task for the Reception children. We asked for any suggestions, and then placed these into an envelope. Bodge was drawn out as the name for the Reception friendly elf.


We have since found out that Bodge is an incredibly kind elf. He has been writing the children a letter every day to help them enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Bodge has helped the Reception children with their learning by adding some new words to their vocabulary. These include joyful, colourful, and generosity.

Bodge has been finding many new places to appear in the Michael Faraday Reception. We have found that he watches over the children from a new location each morning. He was even able to watch the children perform at the recent Christmas concert.


We have been making plenty of elf pictures to help Bodge feel at home in the Reception. He has been a great friend for the children as we approach the Christmas break.


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