Nursery Christmas Trees


The Nursery children have been preparing for Christmas by making a couple of Christmas trees. One of these is on display in the Nursery, whilst the other is proudly on show in the school lounge area.

We asked the children to think about the shape of a Christmas tree. We have seen how trees are usually wider at the bottom than at the top. The children used a large cardboard box as the base, and then smaller ones as the tree grew higher.


The main covering for our trees was green tissue paper. We also asked the children to add other decorations such as tinsel and baubles. There is also a Stick Man Christmas themed decoration sitting towards the top of one of the trees!

The Christmas Nativity story has also been looked at as we approach the Christmas break. The Nursery children should now be familiar with the main themes and characters in the story.

We have now started to look ahead to the New Year with some 2015 calendars being made. Each Nursery class member has used their own photo to decorate the calendar. These will be taken home for parents and carers to enjoy.


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