Year 3 Christmas Maths!


Year 3 have been learning about the benefits of using tally charts when handling data during our maths lessons. We have seen how a bundle of four sticks with the gate closed across can represent a unit of five. This then makes it easier when counting up a large number.


We used the tally theory to help produce a Christmas class survey. Each Year 3 maths group was asked to devise a simple Christmas question such as what do you enjoy most about Christmas, or what is your favourite decoration on the Christmas tree?

The surveys were then completed with our sample range forming the correct number of class members. We carefully made sure that the final number of responses for each question matched up with the number of children in the class.


This tally data was then used to create a simple bar chart. We will be looking at how presenting information in different ways allows us to understand the data in greater detail.

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