New Topic in the Reception


Our new topic for the spring term in Reception is all about the different types of jobs that people do. We have been looking in particular at some of the jobs where people are able to offer us some help. These include the police, nurses or teachers.

The teaching staff have used this topic to help focus some of the learning aims for the new term. The Reception teaching staff been asking each class member what type of jobs they think that they may be good at. This also allows the staff to plan some of the learning areas for each class member over the coming months.

Some interesting ideal job descriptions coming back to us – spies and special agents have been popular!


Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Reception and our maths work has involved looking at different patterns. We have asked the children about patterns that they are able to see. These might be repeating patterns in maths. the children also looked at patterns that we can possibly hear in the music that we listen to.


The Reception children have been learning the AAB Pattern Song to help with this activity.


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