Year 2 Literacy and Drama


Year 2 have been finding out about the strange character of Beegu as part of our literacy learning at the start of the spring term. This is a very challenging reading book that requires the children to think carefully about the character and some of the challenges that are faced.

We are unsure who Beegu is. We know that the character is not from earth. We have yet to find out if Beegu is a boy or a girl. Year 2 have been able to find out though that many of the human adults in the story ignore the character. It is only the children that are able to help Beegu be able to navigate and live in the city.

Some of these ideas have been explored in our Year 2 drama work. A large city landscape has been drawn by each class. We asked the children to think about what we can see around us in our own lives – houses, buildings, roads, cars, bikes, trees and birds.


With the setting in place, we will now be able to see the world as Beegu does. Future sessions will involve the pupils navigating this new environment and describing what they can see and how they might feel as an outsider.


Elsewhere in Year 2 and we have started a new science topic looking at a healthy lifestyle. The children have been learning about the importance of taking regular exercise. This work will be linked in with our research for Michael Faraday Maths Week. Each class will be carrying out various health related research projects, and then presenting this data in a suitable format.






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