Year 3 Caveman Paintings

Year 3 have started work on a new topic for the spring term looking at the period from the Stone Age through to the Ice Age. We introduced this time period to the pupils by reading the book Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. This is a piece of fiction which also helps to understand the historical period.

We found that Year 3 were fascinated by the idea of cave paintings. We have been learning how these were far more than just decorative art – they also tell some important stories about the life of the artists that created them.

The pupils were so inspired by some of the artwork in Cave Baby that we decided to create our own cave paintings. We used genuine Stone Age materials such as orange peel, grass, beetroot, willow and bark. We asked the children to consider which style of painting they found easier to work with – Stone Age paintings or modern day techniques using a paint brush.

You can see our artwork being created in the short video above.











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