Year 5 Elgin Marbles Debate


Year 5 have now finished exploring some of the ideas in the Ancient Greek tale of The Adventures of Odysseus. This has been a fascinating story for the pupils to explore. We have been learning not only about the plot and different characters, but also about life in Ancient Greece by thinking about some of the themes within the book.


The pupils are now completing some highly detailed artwork based on Odysseus. We asked the students to think about their favourite scene, and then try and put across in art form some of the powerful emotions and messages contained within the passage.


Year 5 have also started to prepare ahead of the forthcoming trip to the British Museum. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to examine some Ancient Greek artefacts at first hand.


We have been researching in class the background to the Elgin Marbles that are on display at the British Museum. The pupils have been learning how these were taken from the original site of the Parthenon by Lord Elgin in the 19th Century.


Year 5 have held a class debate about who should now own the Elgin Marbles. Should they be returned back to Greece, or should they remain on public display in the British Museum?

You can listen to some of the for and against arguments in the recording below.




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