Year 6 Maths Week Preparation


Year 6 have approached the new spring term at Michael Faraday with a heavy focus on maths. We are planning towards Maths Week at the school which will start on 19 January. Plus it is never too early to help the pupils revise some of the knowledge they will need for their SATS tests at the start of the summer term.

Multiplication has been the main focus for the first few days of the new term. We have been looking closely at different approaches to solving multiplication sums. Each number within the calculation has been broken down. The teaching has focussed on visualising the role that each number plays in the calculation.

Fractions, division and data handling will follow. This will form part of the main Maths Week learning for Year 6. The pupils will be taking samples to collect various data sets from around the school. This information will then be presented in a suitable format to help explain the data we have been collecting.

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