Year 6 Visit to the Palace of Westminster


The Michael Faraday Year 6 pupils were to treated to a very special trip to Westminster at the start of the new term. We received a very kind invite from our local MP Harriet Harman to visit both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The pupils prepared for this visit with plenty of research ahead of the trip. We looked at the history of British democracy and how the voting and party system works in this country.

We watched a short video explaining the workings of Westminster, and then completed a comprehension test. This made sure that the pupils weren’t short on questions once they were shown around both Houses!

Both Year 6 classes then enjoyed a comprehensive tour around the Palace of Westminster. We were able to see the Commons, the Lords, Central Lobby, Westminster Hall and St Stephen’s Hall.

The pupils also saw at first hand some of the famous statues including Margaret Thatcher and Sir Winston Churchill. We were able to relate to some of the information that we had learnt back in class about the suffragette movement and how some women chained themselves to Westminster statues.

You can find out a little more about the Year 6 Westminster trip in the recording below.







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