Friendly Dragon Arrives in the Nursery


The Nursery children are learning how to look after a baby dragon. We first found out about our new friend we were told that a dragon’s egg had arrived in the Nursery. The children took great care looking after the egg, making sure that it was kept safe and warm.

We arrived at school one morning to find that our Nursery dragon had hatched! The children were very excited to see their new friend.

A small noted was left next to the dragon’s egg once it had been hatched. This read: Where am I? Please take care of me, and is it a friendly place here?

The children have decided that this is a very friendly dragon who needs some help in being looked after. We have been holding class discussions thinking about how we can help the baby dragon to feel at home.

The children will be singing some songs about our new dragon friend in the short assembly that we are currently preparing for. We will also be sharing some of our work that we have completed for Maths Week. This involved the children measuring foot prints, and then comparing different sizes.


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