Reception Maths, Science & Boats

The Reception children have been combining Maths Week at Michael Faraday School with our current topic looking at the different types of jobs that people can do. A recent focus has been on the role of scientists.

The children had a visit from a scientist at Oxford Brook University. We had plenty of questions for our special guest. The Reception Class now has a new display showing the vocabulary that we have been learning. The children are familiar with scientific words such as hypothesis, prediction and conclusion.


A scientific experiment was then set up for the Reception children as part of the learning for Maths Week. We set both classes the challenge to build a model boat that would be able to float, as well as being able to carry ten passenger toy teddy bears. The maths work involved carefully counting the number of passengers that our boats could carry.


The boats were made out of polystyrene sheets, silver foil and paper straws. We talked together about scientific concepts such as heavy or light, and how these might apply to our materials. Each boat building group came together at the end of the session to carefully test the floating ability of our boats. The children made sure that the correct number of teddy bears were on board, and that the boat was still floating.


The Reception children have also been set some scientific homework. We have asked each class member to make a magic potion with an adult at home. The children have seen in class that not all liquids can be mixed together. We have carried out an experiment where we concluded that oil is lighter than water as it is able to float on the top.













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