Year 1 Fairytale Maths


Year 1 have been working on series of fairytale challenges as part of our learning for Maths Week. The children are already familiar with many different fairytale characters. We have used this knowledge to help us with our maths learning.

A series of different maths workstations were set up around the classroom. Each one had a fairytale problem to solve. The gingerbread challenge involved solving a combination based maths problem. Each gingerbread man had three buttons. These were all different colours. The children had to work out how many different combinations of buttons could be on the front of each gingerbread man.


Another work station required the Year 1 pupils to build a castle for the princess. We worked with a number of different shapes. The idea was to make the shapes fit together, and for a Castle structure to be built.

We also enjoyed a visit from our friends at the Happy Puzzle Company. Year 1 had a maths workshop themed around jigsaws and building blocks.


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