Year 2 Maths Week Activities


Year 2 have been looking at problem solving throughout Maths Week at Michael Faraday School. We had a fantastic workshop from our friends at Happy Puzzle Company. The session started off by understanding the skills that we need to be able successfully complete maths problems. We found that these include working together, good communication skills and taking it in turns with the maths resources.

A number of maths problems were then presented to the pupils to solve. One example was a penguin iceberg that needed to house a number of penguins. The surface was slightly wobbly. The pupils had to work out together how to balance the penguins at different parts of the iceberg in order to make it stable.

A car racing track was also completed by each maths group. The problem solving skill here was to look for the corners first, and then build the rest of the track around this.

Our Maths Weeks work has also been extended to the Year 2 PE sessions. The pupils have been timing each other to see how fast they can complete a series of different exercises. These include step ups and shuttle runs. The data has been recorded, and then used to work out what we need to achieve to become even better athletes.

Finally Year 2 have been looking for any possible correlation between age and growth. The pupils have sorted all the class members from oldest to youngest. We have also measured the individual heights of each class member. This data has then been compared to the age of each pupil.

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