Year 3: Maths Week is FUN!


Maths Week started in Year 3 with a pledge made by the teaching staff. Joanna told all the pupils that they would LOVE maths by the end of the week! Once Maths Week came to an end, only one class pupil still remained to be convinced.

How did we achieve this?

With plenty of variety, problems solving and good fun.

The week started in the school studio with a maths circuit session. Sixteen different workstations were set up. Each one had a different problem to solve involving number, time or shape puzzles. The pupils worked in pairs to complete each workstation.


Another popular activity throughout the week was the Challenge Wall. A series of questions needed to answered. Year 3 took great pride in trying to complete all activities on the wall.

We have also been carrying out some problem solving based around the 365 penguins book. This is a learning resource that helps the pupils to understand the days and months of the year from a mathematical perspective. Questions are posed such as: if each day represents a penguin, how many will there be on April 10?


Year 3 also enjoyed a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company as part of Maths Week. The pupils had a workshop that involved using logic within maths. We celebrated a successful Maths Week by producing some posters to show what we had learnt, as well as telling Joanna that yes – MATHS IS FUN!


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