Year 4 Maths Weeks Shape Solving


Year 4 have been solving some shape-based maths puzzles as part of our Maths Week learning. The teaching staff introduced the idea that a certain shape has a number value. An example might be that a square is 2. We could then work out that 2 squares=4. Other shapes were added, all with different values.

This work then progressed with a grid being displayed. Shapes were on the grid. The maths challenge was to work out the value of each row or column by finding out first what the value of each shape is. The Year 3 pupils then created their own maths puzzles based on a similar idea.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and our D & T work has involved designing and baking a healthy pizza. The children have been learning what it meant by a balanced and healthy diet. We have looked at the main food groups and why a mixture of all food types helps us to remain healthy.

This then led to a spicy bean and cheese pizza being baked. The pizza dough contained carbohydrates, the cheese has protein and the spicy beans being in the fruit and veg group. The end result tasted delicious!

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