Year 6 Maths Weeks Fruit Smoothies!


Fantastic fruit smoothies have been made in Year 6 as part of our Maths Week learning. Before we had the chance to make the drinks, we had some problem solving to do. Four fruit types were presented to each a group: a banana, a kiwi, a satsuma and a strawberry. A 4×4 grid was also set up. The challenge was to complete each row and column so that it didn’t contain more than one fruit. Logic was an important skill to show here, as well as looking for repeating patterns.


Once the ingredients had been sourced then it was time to make the fruit smoothie. Year 6 have been working off a set recipe. This was able to produce sufficient smoothie for two people. Our task was to scale up or scale down.


How many ingredients would we need for four people? What about eight? Or even one? Once this challenge was completed then the pupils could make the smoothie, and then enjoy their drink.



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