Nursery Chinese Myth Stories


The Nursery children have been learning all about a traditional dragon story with Yi Kai, our very special Chinese friend who we are fortunate to have at Michael Faraday School. Having helped to hatch the friendly Nursery dragon, the children have a great interest in finding out more about this special creature.

Yi Kai explained in his story why the colour red is so important in traditional Chinese storytelling. The children listened with interest. We were then able to act out some of the scenes from the story. Catherine recently paid a visit to China Town in the West End. She returned with some Chinese artefacts to help us out with our acting.


As the Chinese New Year approaches we will continue with this work in the Nursery over the coming weeks. Next up for the Nursery children is some cooking. We will be taking great care to prepare some Chinese spring rolls.

Another Chinese tradition that the children will be observing is the idea of a spring clean. We are all going to work together to carry out a big spring clean of the Nursery!

Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Nursery and we have been having great fun playing on the space hoppers in the outdoor space. Challenges have been set to see who can safely hop along a short stretch in our outdoor space. Other Nursery friends have helped out by using a stopwatch to time how long this takes.





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