Reception Maths Problem Solving


The Reception children at Michael Faraday School have been working together to try and help solve a series of maths problems. The teaching staff set the challenge of trying to find out as many different ways that we could make up the number 10. Examples might be 5+5, 1+9 or even 2+4+1+3.


To help us out with this task we used the Reception numicon. This is a fantastic resource for maths learning. It helps the children to visualise the numbers. We were able to see how many numbers were missing in our block to make up the magical number of 10.


The children worked in pairs to help complete this challenge. Once the correct number bonds had been formed, we asked each pair to explain to their other friends how they were able to solve the maths problem.


Elsewhere in the Michael Faraday Reception and we are continuing with our topic looking at the different types of jobs that people might do. The children have been learning about how doctors and nurses look after sick people.


We have now used this knowledge to look at the work of vets and how they are able to help sick animals. We have asked the children to bring in a favourite teddy bear later on in the term. We will be learning how to put on bandages to help a poorly teddy bear.





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