Year 1 Science Video

Year 1 have been learning about materials as part of our science work for the spring term. We have set the challenge for all of the class members to be able to identify if a material is a natural resource or if it has been man made.


This work started with the children thinking of a suitable definition for both of these ideas. We decided that a natural resource is something that can be found in the ground or is able to grow. A man made material means that someone has had to produce this using other resources.


Year 1 have been looking at five different types of material: fabric, wood, plastic, metal and glass. The children have been thinking of suitable describing words for each material.


The children then worked in pairs to help complete a scientific task. We asked each small group to carefully cut out the pictures of various materials. These then needed to be sorted into either a natural or man made column. You can watch some of this learning taking place in the short video above.


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