Year 2 Symmetry and Friendship Stories

Year 2 have been learning about the idea of symmetry during recent maths lessons. We have seen that any symmetrical figure needs to have a precise line of symmetry. Whatever we see on one side of the image needs to be repeated in an identical way on the other side.

The children have been experimenting with various letters and numbers to see if they are symmetrical. We have used a mirror to help us with this task. This is placed down the middle of a letter or a number. If the reflection shows a correct character formation, then this must be a symmetrical letter or number.

This work has advanced to now include different shapes and colours. Once again the pupils have been using a mirror to help test their symmetrical theories. You can watch some of the Year 2 children explaining more about this process in the short video above.


Elsewhere in Year 2 and our recent literacy work has been based around the intriguing book of The Yeti and the Bird. This tells the story of how two unlikely animals become the best of friends.

This has inspired the Year 2 children to write their own friendship stories. We have asked each class member to think of an odd pairing of animals. Some imaginative examples have been thought of: The Bear and the Butterfly, or the Bull and the Caterpillar!

The aim of this work was for the children to explain how these friendships were formed. You can listen to some of these ideas in the series of recordings below.

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