Year 4 Ukulele Orchestra on Radio 4!


Pauline’s Year 4 Class at Michael Faraday were recently featured on both Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. News has been spreading as to how fantastic our young ukulele players are at Michael Faraday. The BBC decided to produce a short audio piece about the popularity of this fantastic instrument. Naturally they came to Michael Faraday School to find out more!

Our friends from the BBC were interested in hearing the children play. Angel and Rachel performed a duet. The whole Year 4 Ukulele Orchestra was then able to showcase their talents.

The BBC were also keen to speak with Pauline and Lorraine, our ukulele teacher who comes in each week to help with our musical learning. We are proud to be able to present the short piece of BBC audio in the recording below.

We also have a new class display celebrating the success of the Year 4 ukulele performance at Shakespeare’s Globe. We asked each class member to describe what they learnt from the experience, and how performing on the famous stage made them feel.









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