Hooray for Fish in the Nursery!


The Nursery children have started a new topic learning all about fish. We are using the wonderful Hooray for Fish book as our first introduction to this work. This tells the story about a number of different fish.

Each character has a different emotion. Some are happy, some are lonely, some are shy. The children have been talking about what some of these emotions might mean. We have been singing plenty of songs about the fish characters to help understand these emotions.

Hooray for Fish will be a very practical topic. The Nursery children will be designing and then making their own colourful fish pictures based on some of the characters in the book.

The Nursery staff are also looking forward to welcoming parents and carers into the classroom for a phonics based workshop on Thursday 5 March. This will be an opportunity for the class teachers to explain how we teach phonics in the Nursery, and how parents and carers can continue with this learning in the home environment.

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