Reception Numicon Learning

The Reception children have been continuing their numicon work as part of our maths learning for the spring term. We have now started to look at what happens when we put two different numicon shapes together. The children have been asked is the new shape bigger or smaller? Are we adding or taking away pieces of numicon?


This work has developed into helping the Reception children think about the maths sum that has been created. If we have four numicon shapes and three numicon shapes then the sum must be 4+3.


The next stage was to work out how we can solve the sum. Different techniques were used. Most Reception children felt comfortable in counting up the total number of numicon pieces to come up with a final answer.


We have also introduced the children to new maths vocabulary. All of the Reception pupils should now feel familiar with words such add, take away and equals. We have been using plenty of body language signs to show what each new word means.


A recent Reception maths session was finished with a game of musical numicon statues. The children had some great fun dancing in the classroom. When the music stopped we had to freeze, and then go and find a partner.


Each class member had a numicon piece. The challenge was set for each pair to work together and to identify the sum, and then to be able to answer it. We shared our results together on the Reception whiteboard.

The Reception staff are looking forward to welcoming parents and carers into the school for a short maths workshop on Tuesday 3 March after teaching has finished. This will be an opportunity for parents and carers to see how we are using numicon to help with our maths learning. Each class member will be able to take some numicon home to help continue with the learning.

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