Year 5 Diversity Assembly

Year 5 recently staged a very thoughtful assembly based around the idea of diversity. We started off our session by asking our other friends in the school what do we mean by the term diversity? Some very useful definitions came back. We decided that diversity is all about people being different.

Class teacher Michael explained how we are incredibly lucky at Michael Faraday School to have such a diverse range of pupils with many different backgrounds. This is something that we should be proud of and celebrate.

Each class member then identified a personal trait that makes them different. These included height, skin colour, favourite foods, age, clothes – the list was endless!


A group of Year 5 pupils then acted out a short play. This was incredibly funny, but it also had a serious message. All of the pupils were wearing an identical mask. They all spoke the exact same words throughout the school day. We soon found that Michael Faraday School would be a very dull place to learn if there was no diversity.

A second group then acted out another short scene. All of the children had different appearances, tastes and talents. These were all celebrated and praised for being individual. Life wasn’t as simple as with the mask wearing actors, but it was certainly much more fun!

We asked our assembly friends to vote on which group they would rather see at our school. The diversity group won unanimously.

Michael concluded the Year 5 assembly by asking all of the pupils to respect out diversity at Michael Faraday School. We should recognise that we are all different and be proud of this. This is what makes this such a unique learning environment.


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