Year 6 Science Video

Year 6 have been preparing for Science Week by carrying out a couple of experiments to help remind us about how we approach science at Michael Faraday School. The pupils have been learning about the dissolving of solids into solutions. Two experiments were set up to help with our learning.

The aim of the first experiment was to see how we could speed up the process of dissolving a solid in a solution. The pupils made a prediction that stirring the solution might speed up the task.

Two containers containing 50 ml of water was used. These were both carefully measured so that we were operating a fair experiment.

Three salt crystals were then added to each container. One solution was stirred, whilst the other was left to stand. Our Year 6 scientists timed the amount of time it took for each solution to fully dissolve the salt crystals.

Our results showed quite clearly that stirring does speed up this process. To make sure that this was a true scientific finding, we compared the results between the different groups. All of the data showed that stirring a solution helps to dissolve a solid far quicker than leaving it standing.


The second experiment tested the theory that smaller solids might be able to dissolve quicker. Once again we measured two 50 ml of water into two separate containers. This time 1 g of large crystal salt was added to one beaker, whilst 1 g of table salt to the other. This helped to keep it a fair experiment.

Both solutions were stirred at the same speed. Observers watched out for any signs of dissolving, whilst other class friends timed how long this process took. We were able to conclude that the smaller table salt was able to dissolve far quicker than the larger grains of crystal salt.

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