Making Choices in the Nursery


With the General Election looming, democracy has come to the Michael Faraday Nursery! We have been speaking with the children about the idea of choice. We wanted the children to understand the idea that they can make a personal choice about some of the things that they enjoy to do.

Two class reading books were put to the vote. As part of out aquatic theme for the spring term we have been reading both The Rainbow Fish and Hooray for Fish. Both have different themes about the same subject matter.

Each class member was then invited to make a choice about which book we should read together as a group. A large Lego block was given to each pupil to vote with. A Lego tower was built next to each book.

We helped the children to understand what it means to have a majority. We found that Hooray for Fish had a majority as it had the tallest tower once all of the votes had been cast.

We also used this exercise as part of our maths learning. The Nursery children were asked by how many more votes did the winning book receive? Hooray for Fish was declared the winner with ten votes. The Rainbow Fish received eight votes.

Democracy was the winner – but we read both books anyway

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