Understanding Our World in Reception


The Reception children have been continuing with their spring term topic all about Understanding Our World. A large part of this learning has involved looking at different people who are able to help us in the community.

We have had various visitors coming in to talk about their valuable work, as well as some library research and watching some videos. The children have been learning about the work of dentists, the police, teachers, doctors and fire fighters.


The children have been answering questions about how these people can help us. We have talked about why there is a need for this type of help, and what type of equipment or clothes the helpers might need. All of the Reception children have been working with their talking partner on this project. This allows ideas to be shared amongst our friends.

A recent session involved the children telling their partners what type of helping job they might like to do when they are ready to finish their learning. We encouraged the children to talk about the skills needed, and why they might be suited to this role.

We played a short quiz at the end of the session. The children were asked to identify a particular role, and then to explain how this person helps out in the community. All children then drew and labelled a picture of the special helping role that they might like to one day carry out.


Elsewhere in the Reception and the children are preparing for Mother’s Day. We have collected some small stones from the Michael Faraday garden. These were then used to weigh down our small plant pots that will contain our special finger flowers for Mother’s Day.


Each class member has created a colourful red print of their hand. We have also painted some straws green to serve as the petals. These special flowers will be taken home just before Mother’s Day.


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