Year 1 Plant Growing for Science Week


Year 1 have been looking at the ideal conditions needed to grow plants as part of our Science Week learning at Michael Faraday School. The children set up an experiment to test our theory that both light and water are needed to help plants to grow.

We planted some cress seeds in some cotton wool placed inside a plastic cup. We wanted to make this a fair experiment. The same number of cress seeds and the same amount of cotton wool was used for each cup.

The cups were then placed in three different locations around the school: next to a window with plenty of light and regular watering, next to a window with plenty of light but no watering, and inside a cupboard with no light but some watering.

Regular observations were taken throughout the duration of Science Week to see how the cress was growing. Our final results showed that plenty of light and with regular watering is the ideal condition in which to grow cress. The largest amount of growth took place in this cup. The cress seeds placed inside the dark cupboard didn’t grow very well.


Year 1 will be continuing to look at plant growth as part of our planned trip to the East Dulwich Wildlife Centre for Gardening later in the term. We have many different practical activities planned for the children.

Science Week in Year 1 also saw some very special guests visiting our class – a six foot snake, a tarantula and a scorpion! Our friend Paul the Animal Man from Southwark Council very kindly brought the guests in for the children to learn about.

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