Year 5 Chinatown Trip


Year 5 recently enjoyed an amazing trip out to Chinatown in the West End. One of our main learning topics for the spring term has been all about Chinese culture. The children have looked at the history of the great country, the languages and the way in which people live.


Our visiting Chinese friend Yi Kai was able to accompany the children on this trip. Yi Kai was a fantastic source of knowledge as we looked at the sights and sounds of Chinatown. Yi Kai explained to the pupils the significance of the design of the buildings, the meaning behind items such as lions placed outside shops, as well as why so many businesses were burning incense.


Some of the pupils with Mandarin skills were able to speak with a street food seller in Chinatown. These language skills came in handy when Chinese chicken kebabs were ordered for the whole class!


We returned back to Michael Faraday with fortune cookies to share. Yi Kai has also been helping the pupils to count from one to ten in Mandarin. Our Chinese research will continue for the remainder of the spring term.


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