Year 6 Maths SATS Preparations

Year 6 have been putting in plenty of preparation ahead of the SATS tests that will be starting shortly after the Easter break. Our current focus has been to revise our existing knowledge regarding shapes. The pupils have been looking at past SATS papers so that we can anticipate the questions to come.

A large element of this work is to be able to identify what a shape is by working through a series of questions. An example might be that is has four corners and two right angles. Year 6 should now be able to recognise that this shape must be a trapezium.

Existing vocabulary has been reinforced throughout this work. The pupils have been explaining what is meant by terms such as perpendicular, parallel sides and a quadrilateral.

We finished off our recent shapes revision by completing a class challenge on the Year 6 whiteboard. Different 3D shapes and their names were hidden behind a card. When a pupil touched a card, it revealed either the picture or name of the shape. The task was to select the correct sequence so that the two matched up.


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