End of Term Reception Assembly


Both Reception classes at Michael Faraday School are greatly looking forward to the very special Parent’s Assembly that we will be staging at the end of the spring term. The idea is to share many of the achievements in Reception over the past term of teaching. Performing in front of parents and carers also helps the children to improve their confidence and communication skills.


All areas of the curriculum will be showcased during the assembly. Our recent literacy work in Reception has involved the children learning and reciting some lively poems. Each class has added in plenty of physical actions to add a visual element to our assembly.


Our maths work will be performed to music! The Reception children have been working hard this term to be able to add and subtract single digit numbers. We have learnt some songs that contain plenty of signs to helps us with this task.


We have also been looking at different elements of the weather as part of our science learning in Reception over recent weeks. The children have enjoyed learning about rainbows. We have also become keen rainbow spotters – whenever there is sunshine and rain overhead then the children have been keen to explore!


Our assembly will include a short drama performance by all of the children telling the story of how the different colours of the rainbow came to be positioned next to each other. The children have been creating some colourful props to help us tell this story.


Finally the special Reception assembly will finish with a song all about resilience. We have been talking about this theme throughout the term. The children have been learning about what it means to be able to keep on trying. A song will by sung at the end to help put this point across.


We are happy to share the videos below as part of the rehearsals for the Parent’s Assembly. We hope that all of the parents and carers that are able to come along will enjoy the short performance.



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