New Topics in the Nursery

The Nursery children are preparing for a new topic after the Easter break that will be all about our families. We have asked each class member to collect as many items as possible for the Big Box of Brilliant Things that each Nursery child will be creating.

The idea is to decorate a shoe box so that it becomes personal to us and is able to explain our own personalities. Inside the box will be many memories and special moments so far in the lives of each class member. We have asked the children to think about their family members, their favourite food or toys, or perhaps a major event so far in their lifetime.

The Big Box of Brilliant Things will then be used in the summer term to continue with our learning. Each class member will be sharing some of the ideas and thoughts contained in the box. This is a fantastic way to help the children with their communication skills and to feel confident when speaking amongst friends.

The Nursery children will also be carrying on with their aquatic topic after the Easter break. We will start work on reading Billy’s Bucket, a book that is all about the many things that we can find on a beach.

We also have a trip planned to the nearby Horniman Museum. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to be able to see the amazing Horniman aquarium up close. We are booked in to take part in a special workshop that will look at the different fish we can find in the aquarium.

Parents and carers are most welcome to join us on this trip. Please let either Catherine or Deanna know if you would like to come along.

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